Hey there, I’m Jordan! I recently raised $39,000 on Kickstarter for my solo developed indie game with zero paid advertising and without hiring a marketing team – I want to help you do the same!

In all honesty, you probably don’t need my help. I’m pretty sure you can do this by yourself, however, if you want an extra pair of eyes or some solid advice then I’m available.

Social Media consultation

$50 for one hour – includes reviewing your Instagram and/or Twitter account with you on a video call. Highlighting areas of improvement and coming up with an action plan to help you grow your community.

Kickstarter consultation

$200 for one hour – while I can’t run your Kickstarter for you, I can get you in the best shape possible for your campaign’s launch.

What I do before the session:

  • Review your campaign page.
  • Provide a template to help set an achievable funding goal and to help build exciting reward tiers.
  • Provide a template for calculating taxes, fees and shipping rewards.
  • Create an action plan for reaching a wider audience during your campaign.

What I do during the session:

  • Share and discuss any feedback gathered on your campaign page.
  • Review and discuss your funding goal and the reward tiers template.
  • Review and discuss the taxes, fees and shipping rewards template.
  • Share and discuss your tailored action plan for reaching a wider audience.

(Sessions typically last for one hour but some book a second hour after initial revisions have been made)

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