Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stream or create Haiku the Robot videos? And is it okay if I monetize them?

Yes, and we love it when you do. In fact, we usually rewatch streams and playthroughs! This applies to all game owners and press who seek to produce original media content, including reviews, gameplay videos, and Let’s Plays.

Can I create and sell Haiku the Robot merchandise?

Yes, but only in small batches or as one-offs, and if they follow the rules listed below:

  • Individuals creating and selling one-off or small batches of items for sale are okay. We do NOT give license to private businesses to sell merchandise based on Haiku the Robot.
  • Making and selling original items that you designed and made yourself is fine. We do NOT give you permission to use graphics from the game or promotional material. This includes character art, wallpapers, spritework, etc.
  • It is NOT okay to sell merchandise or digital works on mass distribution sites such as Redbubble.

Can I make a game inspired by Haiku the Robot?

Yes, as long as none of the assets are copied or taken directly from the game. Also, please share it with us on Twitter (@MrMorrisGames) so we can see what you are making!

Are you looking for more team members to join Mister Morris Games?

Not at this moment in time. Please make sure to follow us on Twitter (@MrMorrisGames) for any job opportunities as they will be announced there.

What tools were used to make Haiku the Robot?

We use Unity game engine to build games. C# to program some of the more complex systems, and Aseprite for all the pixel art and animation.

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