Indie interview: Mister Morris Games

Hey there! Tell us a bit about yourself and your studio.

Hey, I’m Jordan at Mister Morris Games. An independent game developer who only started learning how to code about 8 months ago.

What game are you currently working on? What’s it all about?

Haiku, the Robot. – You play as a cute little robot in a world run by machines. However, an evil computer virus has taken over and it’s your job to return the machines back to normal.

The game is heavily focused on exploration. You’ll need to dive deep into every corner of this large, labyrinthine world in order to learn its secrets. In the meantime, you’ll also discover different weapons, items, and abilities that will help you navigate through it’s darkest depths and defeat the virus infecting all the machines.

What inspired your game?

I think most people can relate when you say “work sucks”. I mean it doesn’t suck all the time but there are definitely days when you do feel like this. I was having one of those days, and as soon as I got home I thought to myself “I’ve got to do something else with my life”. Then I realized that I’ve always wanted to make a game.

I did some research into different game engines and picked Unity mainly because it had a lot of documentation, an enormous amount of tutorials which I could learn from since I had never coded before in my life, and it had a load of 2d games which I felt most comfortable with.

From the very beginning, I had this idea of a world infected by a computer virus and a little hero would have to help defeat it (Matrix fan over here!). But I didn’t really plan on doing anything with it, I had only just started coding so I was focused on completing tutorials to try and learn the game engine and C#. I made quite a few games in those first months, some with the help of tutorials and others with code written by myself. However, Haiku never left my head, so I decided to draw him. As soon as I had him on paper then all the ideas for everything else just came flooding in; the abilities, the world, the enemies, everything.

Why should someone want to play your game?

“Haiku, the Robot” is a Metroidvania which by definition focuses on exploration and being rewarded for exploring. It features a huge interconnected map with lots of different areas, each with their own unique enemies and bosses. All hand drawn pixel art and frame-by-frame animation with sharp, precise character movement and attack abilities.

So if you like pixel art and a big map to explore then this is the game for you!

What makes your game different to others in the same genre?

It has a modern pixel art style with a unique color palette. The world is fully interconnected allowing you to choose your path, and it’s also a sneak-peek into what the future of humanity may look like.

What’s currently happening in development?

Currently, I am working on the map and level design of the game. Seeing as it is a Metroidvania then it is critical that the map teaches the player at the beginning but slowly loosens their hand as they progress until they are completely let go into Haiku’s world.

When’s the game being released?

The release date is not yet set in stone, however, I am currently aiming for 2021. An alpha demo will be coming in the next upcoming months.

Where is the best place to get the latest news about your game?

Definitely follow me on social media, I am most active on Instagram, Twitter and Discord but I do have a Facebook page as well where you can see updates.





Anything else you want to mention about your game?

You can already wishlist my game on Steam: